Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a rainbow followed me home.

The entire time I knew her, Grandma Alice lived in Colorado. I'm sure it's where my love affair of that state began.

They have the most beautiful rainbows in Colorado. The seem to jump from mountain top to mountain top, coaxing you to find the ends. Growing up, Grandma would send me pictures of Colorado rainbows that they would print in the newspaper. Envelopes full of newsprint rainbows! She also sent rainbow stickers, and I must admit, I still have some of those stickers. I just can't bear to give them up. They remind me of being six and sending penpal letters.

To me, Grandma Alice and rainbows go hand in hand. And, every time I see a rainbow, I know it's her, smiling down on me.

Today, I was driving home from work and worrying. Lots of worrying. I looked to my left and I saw it. I saw her. A beautiful, out of the blue, reaching across the sky rainbow. And I cried. Because I knew Grandma was there, watching me. Reminding me that this, too, shall pass.

I took a different way home tonight. I drove as far as I could following the rainbow on my left. That rainbow following me. And, I was comforted by the time I got home, just like she expected me to be.

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