Thursday, October 30, 2008


What an awful Wednesday it was. An eleven hour work day that started and ended with tears of frustration. While my two bosses saw my frustration and anger as "growing pains," I took a different approach and felt like I'd been thrown under the bus multiple times in one day and did not appreciate any of it. People can say what they want about how great an "opportunity" it is to be 25 and having these crucial conversations. I think it all just sucks.

So, I had a bad day. I vented about it to RNG, which helped. And, then I spent my evening having a couple drinks and saying goodbye to a place I used to spend a lot of time at.

This morning, RNG showed how nice he really is. He sent me flowers. And, not just a regular, run-of-the-mill boquet, but a boquet of sunflowers - sent to brighten my day. They worked!!!

Here's to a new day of challenges and tribulations. But, at least I have the sunflowers in my office now!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Week

It's just one week, right? Go to work in the morning, work out when you leave the office, and then you have your night to do what you want with it. Well, unless you have a work thing after work that elimnates your 5:30 gym session. Or, you're hanging with your Lil' and spending a chilly evening at the pumpkin patch. Or, your best friend is coming over with a bottle of wine. Or, you're wanting to reconnect with an old friend over a favorite meal. And, don't forget - you have to get a Halloween costume together by Friday!

So, when RNG asked what night I could hang out this week, I hemmed and hawed, going through my calendar in my head. Where could I fit him in? I shouldn't have to "fit in" anybody - especially a new guy. Especially when I'm supposed to really be working on this "getting back into the dating world" thing.

I found a spot. After the pumpkin patch and before the breakfast meeting. The CAN'T MISS breakfast meeting.