Saturday, December 20, 2008

Great Saturday!

I haven't had a Saturday this wonderful in a long time. For so long, I dreaded Saturdays. It meants hours on end by myself, learning how to be single and reconnecting with friends that had gone by the wayside when I was all ga-ga over a guy. (Note to self: NEVER let yourself become "that" girl again!).

Today was magnificent! The weather left a lot to be desired (cold, gray, windy), but the abundance of really, really good friends made up for it. First, brunch at Patachou with KJP. So glad to see her! She's out making a name for herself in the academia field in NC and I just don't get to see her as much as I should. A conversation with KJP is good for the soul. So, we caught up and talked about upcoming weddings (other peoples' weddings, not ours) over oatmeal and cinnamon toast.

Then, I anxiously awaited the arrival of a friend that was always fated to be my friend. We just didn't meet until after college, when we lived in neighboring apartments. Our story is a book in and of itself! Either way, ERW was up from Nashville and after she dropped her hubbie off at a bball game, she met up with me! We talked about everything under the sun while getting our nails done, eating a late lunch and buying puppy cupcakes for her dog. (Did I mention I love buying dog treats? One of the reasons I want a pup of my own so bad!) Seriously, this is one of those friends that you still wished lived down the hall from you. I can count friends like that on one hand, and she is definitely one of them.

So, all in all, a very spirit-uplifting type of day! Wonderful!

Now, I'm waiting for LSB to show up. He's kinda late - but since we really never set a time in the first place, I'm going to have to get over it. I just want to see that silly movie!

And, I just got a call from one of the girls I work with. She's on her way to a party at a former co-worker's house. Party sounds fun, but I replied that I wouldn't make it because I'd made plans with LSB. Maybe I shouldn't have done that...

Oh well! After a day like this, I don't see how my night could possibly be bad. Knock on wood!

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