Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome, Holidays!

It's been awhile, but I haven't been gone for good. Just got sidetracked.

Welcome, Holidays, welcome! Honestly, in the big scheme of things, I don't feel like it's time to be holiday season yet. But, I'm ready for it. And, looking forward to it!

My little sister finished her finals yesterday and stayed with me last night. My mom picked her up today to take her back home. I wish I could have gone back with them! I love, love, love spending time with my family. They're my favorite people in the world.

But, alas, there's a week of holiday parties, receptions and luncheons to attend before I can load up my car with perfectly wrapped gifts and head up "home" myself. And, with all the social obligations, I'm making myself get the gym. I plan on eating the wonderful holiday food that surrounds me - I better be sweating those extra calories off!

Speaking of "holiday" food... We have an office pitch-in tomorrow. Ugh... There's a definite generation divide in my office. One generation makes these great dishes from scratch and is happy to do it. The other generation grudgingly brings some store bought dish to throw on the table. Me? I'm in the middle? I'm definitely not bringing something I made from scratch (who has the time for that???). But, I also couldn't just pop into the deli and have them put a half pound of something in a plastic container. So, I'm bringing pasta salad from a box! Best dollar and a half I spent all day! And, at least it looks homemade! Always the overachiever... ;)

And, since everything needs a dose of boy:
Did I mention that the holidays mean the opportunity to see LSB? He and I live in different cities, and usually have different schedules, but sometimes, when the moon is right, we meet up. And, he's an ass and pushes all my buttons and I like the challenge. It's nice to be friends with a smart guy.

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