Wednesday, December 2, 2009

of Turkey Trots and DNR forms

How was your Thanksgiving? Full of football and turkey and funny family stories? That's sweet. No offense, but I bet your Thanksgiving can't hold a candle to my Turkey Day.

The day started off EARLY. Momma and I had this fun idea that we would run the Valpo Turkey Trot 5K on Thursday morning. I woke up. Got dressed. Looked out the window. Changed my outfit. It was raining. And sleeting. And snowing. Winter Mess Trifecta! But, we did it anyways. Oh, quick side note? I'm not a runner. Nor did a "train" to run a 5K. My gym routine consists of kickboxing, lifting weights and reading Health magazine on the elliptical. I didn't start the race running, but a half mile into the race, I had stepped in two huge puddles and the sleet was crusting around my eyelashes. So I ran. I ran just to get the thing over with. At the end of the race, my mom comes up to me and says, "Alane. You're a machine. I can't believe you ran that whole thing!" She failed to mention I was pale as a ghost and she was worried I was going to pass out.

(PS: For all you runners out there, I know that a 5K is practically nothing to you. Stop snickering. I had not physically or mentally prepared myself to run three miles when I woke up that morning. Get over yourself.)

Either way, after the race, I grabbed a granola bar, tripped all over my soaking wet pants, sloshed around in my wet socks and patiently waited for my mom to claim her medal for placing third in her age group. (You're welcome, Momma.)

But, we did it!

Okay, okay. So some of you might have run a similar race in your home town on Thanksgiving morning. You're probably thinking, "What? Why was her Turkey Day that special? I ran a race too."

Here it is: My 83 year old grandma had my family sign and witness her Do Not Resuscitate form on Thanksgiving. Yep. True story. It was awkward. And, it made our "Litany of Thanksgivings" around the table much more poignant this year. MUCH more.

Bless her heart. All she had to say about it was, "Well, I'd rather have you sign it at Thanksgiving as opposed to Christmas." Well, that, and jokingly accusing my brother of sending her to the grave early. But, that's why we love her!

Bring on the holidays!

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