Friday, November 20, 2009

schoolgirl crush

I was watching the Today Show this morning (Matt Laurer... Swoon...), and there were all. these. screaming. girls. there to catch a glimpse of one of the Twilight stars.

I admit it. I have not read any of the Twilight books. (However, I would like to! Anyone have a copy they can share?) I have also not seen the movie. (planning on renting it...)

But these girls! Nuts! And, some of them were not girls. Some were full-grown women with teenage daughters of their own literally falling over themselves to get a picture of a seventeen year old boy who plays a werewolf. Really?

Then, I remembered the time I got all "teenage girl" as an adult... New Kids on the Block concert. June 28, 2009. My 26th Birthday.

Oh. My. God.

Two words: Jordan Knight

Hottie -bo -bottie. For real.

PS: Anyone remember the New Kids on the Block cartoon???? Hey-o!!!!


C said...

OMG.. I loved that cartoon

Stacie Victoria Camille said...

I went to that concert last October and loved it. I screamed like a adolescent in heat. It was awesome.