Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Boys

It's almost half time for this year's Colts-Patriots regular season match up. I hate this game. Every year. It's one of the only games where I feel a little less confident in my boys in blue than usual. And, for someone who is so even keeled when it comes to sports, it's surprising to some to hear my say really. mean. things. about the Patriots.

I remember crying after we beat the Patriots in 2005 because I was so happy. I also remember crying when we were beat by the Patriots. After the Colts beat the Patriots for the AFC Championship in 2007, I ran around in the snow only wearing underwear and a Peyton Manning jersey - I was THAT excited! (yes, mom. i know this was not a smart or healthy decision. but, it felt great at the time.) And, soon after that half-naked run, I went downtown to celebrate on the circle - wearing TWO jerseys and a smile (oh, and pants!).

This game always invokes a lot of emotion. Right now, we're down 10 points. I don't like it. I have this thing where I really need the Colts to be in the lead at half for me to feel good about the rest of the game. But, I know THIS game is the exception year after year.

And, knowing this gives me hope that we still have a chance. I'm going to be honest - I'm going to change jerseys at halftime, just in case it may help our chances.

See you on the flip side. GO COLTS!!!

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