Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hope for the Holidays

Typically, my office "adopts" a family each year for the holiday season. This year, we're going a bit of a different route: we're selecting children who don't have family - at least not in the traditional sense. Foster children. Children who have been neglected, abused and taken away from their parents. One little boy who's three younger brothers were adopted - yet he still moves from foster home to foster home.

Even during these tough economic times, I find it important to give back. I'm asking for golf clubs for Christmas. These kids are asking for shoes. It really puts life in perspective. While money is tight, a lot of us still have a lot to share.

If you're in Indiana, I encourage you to check out the Children's Bureau website and their Hope for the Holidays program. On the website, each of the children's case workers have written a short background on the child. I warn you - they are heartbreaking stories. But, they are moving. And, hopefully they encourage you to give a little bit extra this holiday season.

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