Saturday, August 21, 2010

they are the reason I smile

I'd be lying if I didn't say it was a tough week. A VERY tough week that involved a lot of tears, self-reflection and uncomfortable feelings. But, this week also allowed me to see how lucky I am. Especially for the amazing women I have in my life.

My mom. Who answered the phone when I called at midnight and calmed me down. And, encouraged me to make tea while I talked to her.

My sister. Who showed up in Indy, in all her bohemian glory, and laughed with me in a queit, sunlit cafe. And then we went shoe shopping!

My friends. The friends that show up with cookies and sprinkle cuss words into the conversation when needed. The friends who can spend lazy afternoons simply laughing and telling stories. The friends whose pictures line my mantle. Our lives exist together in this weird kind of connectivity - the connectivity only girl friends can have.

This picture is a perfect example of this friendship. Laughing and loving each others company. (photo courtesy of Miss Darcie Lane)

I'm blessed. I know it.

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