Tuesday, August 31, 2010

where do I start?

Alright, I'm going to put it all on the table. This summer has been no "summer of love" in my book. Far from it.

First, it began with my ex letting me know he was getting engaged - just two months after he said he still loved me and asked if I was sure I didn't want to be with him. (I was sure.) While I didn't feel any real loss, it was a crushing blow. He was moving forward and I wasn't. [Side note: Someone in his family reached out to me asking if I had any pictures I could pass along for his wedding slide show. WTH?]

Second, I found out I was cheated on. Not with one other girl. Not with two other girls. But, with at least THREE other girls. That's right, I had been dating a male slut and was oblivious to it.

Last, but definitely not least, I was driving home from work one Tuesday to meet my seemingly sweet, seemingly caring boyfriend who had been in my life for a bit. And, that's when he completely blindsided me and dumped me. On. The. Phone! And, without an actual reason. Actually, he had a reason: "I think we're both awesome. I just don't think we're awesome together." Who knew I had been living an episode of Saved by the Bell this whole time?!?!

I can only hope that bad things really do come in threes and that I'm done having my heart broken for awhile. (huge, huge, huge amounts of hope!) I also hope that I'm done picking assholes to date. I mean it. Damn!

Here's to a new season. And, to the cocktails that have helped to numb the pain this summer.

Good riddance, douche bags.

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