Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bus Stops

I started working Downtown almost four years ago. And, while I love it, there is one part of working Downtown that I still find uncomfortable. The bus stops. They're big, crowded, noisy, dirty, smokey. Ugh.

So, when I walk to meetings, I will cross streets based on which route will take me past the least amount of bus stops. It may take a few extra footsteps, but it eases my bus stop anxiety. However, today, I had no choice but to walk through a bus stop. And, not just any bus stop, one of the biggest ones in town - it's a block long!!

Here's what I encountered as I walked on through the big ol' bus stop:
- Small child ran into me
- Almost tripped on some guy's bike
- Smelled somebody smoking weed
- Had to side step (onto a grate!) for a group of boys wearing their shorts below their butts. I guess that whole "ladies first" rule doesn't apply at bus stops
- Had a girl ash her cigarette on my shoe!!! (she didn't even notice...)

OMFG! Really? I finally figured out why I don't like the bus stops - they're oozing with rudeness! (and smoke!)

I'm back to taking the long way....

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