Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fetus Fun

So, a friend of mine is pregnant. It's very exciting! And, she signed up to get those weekly emails that tell her what size the baby (a.k.a the fetus) is as she progresses through the pregnancy. Typically, these emails will compare the fetus to some time of produce. Your baby is the size of a walnut! Your baby is the size of an apple! Your baby is the size of a seedless watermelon! Ahh technology....

Anywho, a couple weeks ago, she received her email, opened it up, read the produce comparison and just didn't know what to think. Because it said... "Your baby is the size of an English hothouse cucumber!" WTH?!?

Of course - we had to Google an English hothouse cucumber. Basically, it's an extra long cucumber (roughly 14 inches). I'm shocked by this. I really thought babies, at six months in, would be... well, rounder! And, of course, I had to mention this to my mom. In all her "Mom" wisdom, she explains to me that babies grow in length first, and put on weight towards the end.

Fine. But, nature creeps me out. I all of a sudden begin thinking that my friend is pregnant with one of those creepy creatures that lived outside Ursula's lair in The Little Mermaid. I know this isn't true, but still!!!

Fast forward to the evening, when I'm popping by the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. I'm grabbing some tomatoes when I see..... (on sale of course!)..... hothouse cumbers! Extra long cucumbers in! the! flesh! Yes, I bought one. There was no way I was going to pass up the chance to show my friend a real, live cucumber!

Except, I couldn't just bring a cucumber to show her. So, I took some time to give it some personality...

Yes. I dressed the cucumber up as a baby. And it was awesome!!

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