Monday, February 28, 2011

What the Duck

My power went out about midnight last night. When I left for work this morning, it still wasn't back on. (that's right - try putting on eyeliner and concealer in the glow of eight flickering tea lights...)

And, while I couldn't turn my TV on at 2:30 am, I realized I didn't need it. It turns out there was an episode of Cops playing right outside my bedroom window!

I had finally fallen back asleep after a good hour of laying in bed worrying about my lack of electricity. And, my lack of white noise thanks to my fan... Then, I was ripped out of my sweet, silent slumber by yells. Yes, someone was yelling. Outside. In a thunderstorm. Yelling loud enough that I could hear him over the actual thunder. OMG.

I had to investigate! I peered out my rain-covered window to witness a young man walking down the road in only jeans, a t-shirt and a red flannel shirt. Rain jacket - what's that? And, as he was walking, he was yelling. It sounded something like this: (*words changed for the conservative and holy...)

What the duck!!!!!! What the duck is happening!?!?!?! Duck this!!!!! What the duck!!!!

Seriously? A crazy man screaming bloody murder in the middle of an apartment complex in a thunder and lightening storm in the middle of the night?? Awesome!

Then the cops showed up. "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do!?" One of my neighbors must have been more annoyed than intrigued by this young man's antics... The cops shut him up, calmed him down and made a big production with their flashy lights and neon rain slickers. And, then, they must have told him it was time to go home.

Because, before I knew it, there was a young woman in a parka with a fur lined hood (seriously, fur in a thunderstorm?) standing in the road, ready to escort her man home. And, she came prepared. With a garbage can lid. As they couple walked back to their building, I saw her sheilding her man from the torrential rain with the lid. You know, so he wouldn't get wet....

Um, did I mention he'd be out YELLING in the RAIN for over thirty minutes?!?! What the duck.

Obviously, idiots are attracted to idiots.

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