Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pantyhose optional

I spent this morning ruffling through my nightgowns/sports bras/pantyhose drawer (yes - all three of those types of items are in one drawer. it's a big drawer) trying to find a pair of pantyhose that didn't have a run in them or make me look like a ghost from the thigh down.

Ohmigosh - I HATE pantyhose. I run the risk of tearing them every time I put them on. And, for some reason, I have not mastered the ladylike way of putting hose on - two legs at one time? How is this possible? (Thank goodness for thigh highs!!) And, by the time I get home at the end of the day, I guess I'm so delirious from having to wear pantyhose all day, that I don't even notice there is a run in them and they wind up back in my nightgowns/sports bras/pantyhose drawer.

I would like to add that tights are totally okay by me. Since they're thicker, they don't rip as easily, and therefore, are easier to put on.

With all that said, I was late to work today because I was fighting with pantyhose for a good part of my morning. Ugh. Then, because I was rushing, I just threw a coat on and walked out of my place. It wasn't until I was in the elevator (with mirrored interior doors) on my way up to my office that I realized my coat was longer than my dress. All you could see on me was my coat, my pantyhose and my tall boots. No big deal - or so I thought...

As I walked to lunch today, I caught people giving me double takes. Time after time, as I walked down Penn, people were giving me second looks. Yes - I understand that it may have looked like I was only wearing a coat, pantyhose and boots, but come on! What? Like I went to work naked with only hose and boots on? Yeah right!

And, as I walked to happy hour today, and continued to get second looks, all I could do was laugh.

I am SO looking forward to warmer weather where pantyhose (and a coat!) are optional.

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