Friday, March 27, 2009

Meridian Kessler is going to the dogs!

Driving through the Meridian Kessler neighborhood this morning, I started noticing a pattern.

Every block or so, I saw someone (usually dressed in "athletic attire") walking not one, but two or more dogs along the sidewalks lining the perfectly manicured lawns. And, more often than not, the dogs were of the same breed! There was the man walking two miniature dachshunds while carrying his baby on his back. Or the lady walking three (three!) yorkies as she "hiked" up Penn.

And then, there's the quintessential Meridian Kessler dog: the gold retriever. Who hasn't seen the young couple pushing a stroller and walking their two goldens as they make their way down to Patachou for Sunday brunch?

So, what is it about Meridian Kessler that causes people to get so dog-gone crazy about dogs?

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