Monday, March 9, 2009

Star Sighting!

I spent Saturday night in Louisville with the girls - we all desperately needed a change of scenery and L'ville seemed like a great place to go.

The weather was just like Spring weather should be - warm enough that you don't need a jacket but with a slight breeze still keeping you on your toes.

We're sitting on the patio of a bar late night people watching (saw some AWFUL outfits) and taking Obama shots (shot of bacardi o dropped in a glass of red bull followed by some silly dance - I totally bought into the whole thing) provided to us by some cute boys from Michigan. And, all of a sudden, who comes stolling down the street???

Ron White!!!! (If you're like everyone else on Fourth Street, and don't know who he is, check him out here: Ron White)

I got really excited, ran down the street yelling, "Ron White! Ron White!" and had my girls take a picture of me and him! It was a GREAT way to end the night! Thank you, Louisville!

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