Friday, January 7, 2011

Dating Tales of the Under- & Un- Employed

I've been meaning to write this post for quite some time.... In fact, I think it's been building for years now.

We're all attracted to a certain "type" of person. I tend to like either really big guys with great smiles or really cut guys with a good sense of humor. I've dated them all. But, I'm beginning to realize that we attract certain types to us. The type who I seem to attract like a magnet? The ones without a stable job. I'm not wanting to sound like a shallow girl looking for her sugar daddy. I just need to describe how I dated a string of guys who either didn't work or didn't have a stable job.

There was the guy who held four different jobs while I dated him. Talk about a roller coaster.

There was the "financial planner" who couldn't build a client list and was constantly on "probation" by corporate. Last I heard, he was forced to move to the city where corporate headquarters is located and endure nine months of intensive training. (Sidenote: I have no idea if he finished his training. Nor do I care. He's a cheatin' asshole.)

There was the teacher who wasn't really a teacher. He was paid hourly - when school was in session. Which means he did not receive a paycheck during summer break. And, he constantly lamented about how broke he was. Pretty sure his good looks and boyish charm were some of the only reasons we lasted as long as we did (a summer. go figure.).

There was the guy I met in a bar. He was trained in laying tile. But... he was working a seasonal job as a landscaper for his buddy. Days it rained? He didn't work. Weeks without rain? No work as there were no lawns to be mowed.

My favorite under-/un- employed story comes from a guy I only went on one date with. We met online. He said he was a doctor on his profile. I meet him for a coffee. Turns out, he's an anesthesiologist. Scratch that - an unemployed anesthesiologist. He had quit his job.... to find himself.

I can only imagine the thoughts running through my mom's head every time I told her about a new guy I was dating:
Me: "Mom, I'm dating this new guy and he's great! So much fun to hang out with!"
Mom: "That's great, honey! I'm glad you're having fun. So, what does he do for a living?"

I would reply very enthusiastically about whatever oddball job the guy of the moment was holding down. I'm always the optimist... I'm sure she was rolling her eyes on the other end of the phone. Actually, it was my mom who brought to my attention the string of guys I'd dated who didn't really have a job. She even asked, "Honey, do you put 'have a big heart for those on hard times' in your dating profile?" Ha!

Thanks, Mom! Honestly - I needed that realization! And, I promise - I'm working on it.

Disclaimer: I'm in a great relationship with a great guy. And, he really likes his job. And, he's good at what he does. :)

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